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Spices in Lake Stevens, WA

Spices in Lake Stevens, WA

The right mixture of spices adds much flavor to dishes and eliminates the need for extra salt. Gourmet Dinner Spices, LLC. offers custom seasonings that turn bland foods into taste bud-pleasing meals. Each one comes with free shipping, and we offer a 30-day guarantee, no questions asked. Contact us today for spices in Lake Stevens, WA.

Custom Seasonings in Lake Stevens, WA

Ethnic Spices

These specialty blends are made in small batches to assure freshness. The containers come in two sizes to fit individual needs and for easy storing .

Our Ethnic Selection Includes:

 Jerk (Jamaican) Spice | Blackened Spice (Cajun-Creole) | Asian Spice | Curry Spices

Leaving Out Salt

Monitor the amount of sodium added to dishes using our salt-free blends. We recommend mixing four tablespoons of the spices with just one teaspoon of salt. This combination is not potent and gives you more value for your money.

Salt-Free Spices Available:

Chicken Rub | Beef Rub | Italian | Garlic Pepper | Asian | Seafood| Chili| Taco Curry|Dilly |Garlic Lemon Pepper |Jerk | BBQ |

Traditional Seasonings:

BBQ Rub | All-Purpose Seasoning Salt | Seafood Seasoning &  Crab Boil | Italian | Roasted Garlic Pepper |Roasted Garlic Lemon Pepper |Beef | Chicken

Custom Blends

If you want some unique spice combinations for your restaurant or catering business, we work with you to form new spice blends. Price is based on your needs and the quality, but buying in bulk saves you on the cost. Call today for a consultation.