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Healthy Spices in Lake Stevens, WA

Owner’s Story - Healthy Spices in Lake Stevens, WA

Create delicious meals full of flavor by adding our blends of healthy spices from Lake Stevens, WA.
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Personal History

Hi, my name is Tobi Rich, owner of Gourmet Dinner Spices, LLC. I love to cook, and when I am not cooking, I'm usually thinking or reading about food. It is definitely a passion for me. I truly believe that life is too short to eat bad food.

I have been cooking for many years. My siblings and I started cooking at home when we were still in grade school. Everyone had a day of the week they helped prepare the dinner meal with our parents. Back then it was called "chores". I learned early on it is not what you are cooking, but what it looks like when finished and more importantly, what it tastes like.

My skills are in the area of bold, flavorful healthy food. My goal is always to take an ordinary dish and make it superb. A dish that people say, "dang Miss Mo (my nickname), what did you put in that dish?" or" you really put your foot in that dish!" I think it's a southern expression. I have learned a lot over the years and hope to share some of my experiences, dishes, and knowledge with you on this journey.

Business Origins

I started this business to spread success stories in creating healthy meals that do not compromise quality and flavor. The biggest inspirations came from me spending time living in France. I enjoyed the food, as well as the care and passion they put into their meals.

My food experience growing up was also quite diverse: father trained in French culinary arts and both families from Mississippi gave me a unique experience and view on food. At some point, I came to the realization it is not necessarily what you are cooking, but how to make it as natural and flavorful as possible for the best of both worlds.

I began selling spices and chow-chow to family members and co-workers. Requests for more kept coming in, so the next logical step was to form my own online business. I am very interested in nutrition and all of the newest findings on healthy verses not-so-healthy foods and try to incorporate these learnings into the product. Eating for nourishment is a must, but enjoying what you eat is just as important. It is food for the soul!